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  1. Our deep understanding of the enterprise psyche, coupled with multi-dimensional analytical technique enables us to assess issues and suggest solution approaches in alignment with a global vision. Our experience of more than two decades in the human talent sourcing business has helped us to create powerful tools for assessing the organisational climate, employee attitude, employee morale, motivation and commitment to the organisational goals and advising the corporate world about remedial solutions.
  2. Initial Documentation Process
    On receipt of a job order request, a consultant is assigned to the portfolio. A set of documents is usually required for overseas recruitment from most countries and in most cases these need to be legalised in the respective embassies. Our consultant will provide the draft set of these documents.
  3. Advertisement
    Advertisements are placed in local and regional media, in order to attract the best available candidate. We also place a huge emphasis on online job boards and forums and actively promote all vacancies.
  4. Trade Test
    For skilled categories, trade tests are conducted at approved centres.
  5. Prescreening And Forwarding
    Our consultant screens them before forwarding it to the client for consideration.
  6. Interview
    We will arrange for the candidates to be interviewed as agreed and convenient. Video conferencing, skype and/or telephonic interviews may be arranged as required.
  7. Medical Fitness
    Once the candidates are shortlisted and selected, a reference check may be conducted based on the position recruited for. All selected candidates have to undergo a compulsory medical fitness test.
  8. Employment Agreement
    On receipt of appointment letters, required documents for visa application are processed and dispatched to the client.
  9. Constant coordination is maintained between the client’s office and our associates all over our country to ensure that the candidates are mobilised in the shortest possible time. (Screens the short-listed candidates by pre-interview.)
  10. Orientation
    Prior to the departure of workers the orientation briefing is organised to make all workers fully aware of the employment company, country’s laws and orders, labour laws immigration policy and maintain understanding and cordiality themselves and aim of the particular activity of the individual. The Orientation takes special care in briefing them to strictly abide by the guidelines in the field of their employment and direct them to maintain good circumstances and motivate them to their duties/responsibilities.
  11. Travelling Arrangement
    In all cases, we send all the visa endorsement, passport to the concerned airlines, to confirm the scheduled flight from Nepal to the destination country. PTA to any airlines operating from Kathmandu shall be sent after our final confirmation.
  12. Termination Of Employment
    In case of any termination of any employee under non performance or disciplinary action Client should provide concrete evidence and termination letter along with exit interview details addressing Habibi International Recruitment and a CC to the Ministry of Labor Nepal.